About Us


We are
Kawa Rashid, Chairman, Information Center of Syrian Kurds in Europe.
The Information Center of Syrian Kurds in the EU is an organization aiming to defend the rights of the Kurdish people in Syria in the wider Syrian political context. Founded in 1999 and registered in the Netherlands, it has worked throughout the years to raise awareness on the situation of the Kurdish people in the country among decision makers in the Parliaments of the EU member states and in other human rights organizations in Europe.
The Center's past achievements were the organization of a press conference and of several events across Parliaments in Europe, further strengthened by the cooperation with different international media.
The Information Center of Syrian Kurds in the EU intends to raise awareness on the wrongdoings perpetrated by the Islamic non-governmental actors in Syria and more specifically in the Rojava region.
The Center has no political affiliation. However, since the goal of the Center is to denounce the suppression of the Syrian regime against the Kurds, the organization’s website and social media accounts were the target of hacking attacks and shutdown attempts by the government and were therefore closed.
Since 2011, the Kurds in Syria are oppressed by both Assad and the PKK, which work together to keep the region under control. The cooperation between Assad and PKK is very well oiled and is the first cause of the massive fleeing of Syrian Kurds to foreign countries; in particular, We Research units of universities and high schools – Cultural and community canter – Formation canter, organizations of formation, peace organizations, human rights organizations and NGO’s and political parties in Europe.
* we try to ask attention for the lack of democracy, the violations of the Human Rights and the national oppression of the Kurds in Syria.
* In order to achieve this goal we work together with the NGO’s in Syria e.g. Human Rights organizations, cultural canters, education networks and youth organizations.
* Freedom for all political prisoners and Kurdish deputies.
* the allowance of all political parties, also the parties of the Kurdish people and national minorities.
* The abolition of all repressive articles in the penalty law and the abolition of the death penalty.