Rights Group: 277 Civilians Killed in Syria in November, Mostly by Assad Regime & Russian Forces

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December 3, 2019
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December 21, 2019

Rights Group: 277 Civilians Killed in Syria in November, Mostly by Assad Regime & Russian Forces

At least 277 civilians, including 72 children and 32 women, were killed across Syria in November 2019, mostly at the hands of the Assad regime and its Russian ally, the Syrian Network for Human Rights said.

In a report released on Sunday, the Network said that 56 people, including 19 children and six women, were killed by regime forces in November, while Russian forces killed 70 civilians, including 26 children and 11 women.

According to the report, six civilians, including two children, were killed by the PYD militia, while five others were killed by ISIS. It also said that six civilians, including one child and one woman, were killed by HTS, while three civilians were killed in airstrikes by the international anti-ISIS coalition forces. It said that 131 civilians, including 24 children and 14 women, were killed by other parties.

The monitoring group said it had documented 13 massacres that took place in November, adding that 27 people were killed under torture, including 25 at the hands of the Assad regime, and two by the PYD militia. The number brought to 288 the number of people killed under torture since the beginning of this year.

The report indicated that two media workers, three medical workers, and two civil defense volunteers were killed in the reporting period.

The Network stressed that the Assad regime violated international humanitarian law, Customary international law, and all UN Security Council resolutions, especially resolutions 2139, 2042, and 2254.

The report called on the UN Security Council to take further action pursuant to the adoption of UN resolution 2254. It stressed the need to refer Syria to the International Criminal Court and hold all those involved, including the Russian regime, accountable for war crimes.

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