Kawa Rashid : Turkish intervention in northeastern Syria

Erdogan says Turkey will ‘never declare a ceasefire
October 16, 2019
الحلم الكردي ضحية “تحالفات متحركة
October 18, 2019

Kawa Rashid : Turkish intervention in northeastern Syria

BY, Kawa Rashid

After a few months of hard language and threats from the Turkish government against PKK in northern and northeastern Syria for various reasons, such as the presence of terrorist grouping and refugee return,

The Turkish President today officially declared that the raid on Northeast Syria has begun. It is the start of a war that will not just be over, that will not end within a day or a week.

But we as Syrian Kurds knew that such a day would come, that there would come a day when we, as Kurds in Syria, would become victims of the dirty war being waged in Syria by many international conflicts in the region.

PKK is responsible.

PKK is the mother ship of the Syrian-Kurdish armed groups YPG and PYD, these groups are the sister parties of PKK that is seen as a terrorist organization by Turkey and the US and the EU.

And since 2012, the Assad regime has withdrawn its armies from the Kurdish region to give more attention to other regions. He has given the region to PKK for two reasons:

– Have the region under control so that they do not participate in the Syrian revolution alongside other Syrian cities.

– And put pressure on the Turks and block their support for the Syrian opposition.

And it worked.

After 2018, with the help of Russia, the regime recaptured nearly 60 percent of the country from the opposition.

The regime, together with Russia, has tried to put pressure on the Kurds for negotiations, they can be disarmed again and the region back to the regime. But the Kurds did not want this because they thought cooperation with the US in the region is the best way.


The US has suddenly agreed with Turkey that the Turks can attack the Kurds and they can intervene nearly 7 KM in Syria.

An agreement has been made between Russia, Turkey and the US to remove the presence of the PKK at the border of Turkey.



– US has abandoned the Kurds and that is not the first time.

– PKK as a terrorist organization has used Syrian Kurds for its fight against Turkey.

– Normal people (or citizens?) Are, as always, the victims.

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