Dutch PM: ‘White wine sipping elites’ don’t give Trump fair shake

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January 14, 2019
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Dutch PM: ‘White wine sipping elites’ don’t give Trump fair shake

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte faced criticism on Sunday after making comments about what he called “white wine sipping elites in Amsterdam” who are not giving US President Donald Trump a fair chance.

Rutte made the comments during an appearance on Buitenhof, a weekly TV show focused on Dutch politics that aired on Sunday.

“In this world, international structures are absolutely necessary, but sometimes it p***** me off when I hear white wine sipping elites in Amsterdam saying ‘well, Trump, he is so wrong’,” Rutte said.

“Why don’t we make use of his presence, because he brings to attention the parts that aren’t great about multilateralism, even though I am a supporter of that because the Netherlands are dependant on that same multilateralism,” he added.

“We are going to achieve the goals we’ve set. Not because we like it so much or because the elites in Amsterdam demand it, but because we do not want to hand over this mess to the next generation,” Rutte said.

The local government in Amsterdam is in the hands of GroenLinks, the Dutch Green Party which has repeatedly criticised Trump’s comments and said the national Dutch government currently is not doing enough to tackle¬†climate change.

Following his comments, Rutte received heavy criticism on Twitter.

Amsterdam council member Zeeger Ernsting tweeted a picture of Rutte with Russian President Vladimir Putin, both of them with a glass of white wine in their hands.


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